Make Your Boat Haul Request. 


Fill the form below if you'd like to request a boat haul.  

Costs are: (a) $75 equipment mobilization fee to cover the first 10 miles; $6 per mile above 10 miles one way (one-way mileage = distance from Steamboat to boat pickup location to launch ramp), plus $6 per foot length overall (LOA) of the boat.  

We will contact you via the e-mail or telephone number that you provide to confirm your request and estimated cost. 

Hauling is dependent on availability of equipment, driver, and weather and tide conditions.  Payment is due on the date of service.  We accept cash, check, Visa or Mastercard at the time of service.

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Phone Number
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Billing Address
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LOA is the length overall of boat from bow pulpit to outboard (tilted up) or swim platform
Measured width of boat at widest point. Additional fees may apply for over-width boats.
Haul Date - 1st Choice *
Haul Date - 1st Choice
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Haul Date - 2nd Choice
Phone number for the date of your haul *
Phone number for the date of your haul


You are responsible for having the way clear to your boat.  

Check in advance to make sure batteries are fully charged, bilge pumps are operational, lines and fenders are on the boat, through-hull valves are operational, drain plugs are installed.

It is advisable to run-up your engine prior to launch.  

You or your representative is responsible for driving the boat off/on the trailer.

Maximum height allowed over the road is 13 feet and 6 inches including the trailer.

Make sure you put down antennas and frames.

Skilled labor rates ($90 per  hour) will apply for any preparation services provided by Steamboat staff (removal of frames, canvas, sails, antenna, etc.)