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Shrink Wrap Removal & Recycling
A recycling fee of $15 will be charged for any shrink wrap removed by customers that needs to be disposed of by Steamboat. Please remove wood strapping and twine from wrap.
Bottom Paint (plus paint and materials)
Rates are for labor and normal preparation
Basic Wash Only - deck and hull
Wash fiberglass surfaces with boat soap; flat rate
Wax & Cleaning Services - Hull (rubrail to waterline)
Includes wash, detail using polisher and pad, and all necessary steps of compound, polish, and wax to achieve best possible results. Labor rates by the foot; materials charge separate.
Topsides - deck/windows/rails&hardward/upholstery
Detail cleaning above rubrail; recommend scheduling and completing after launch and sea trial. Labor rates by the foot; materials charge separate.
Standard Spring Commissioning
Check this item if you would like us to do standard commissioning. Charged at the Mechanical Labor Rate of $120 per hour, plus parts. Service always includes - Battery systems (load test, charge battery, clean terminals, install; top off fluid as needed; replace with new batteries if required); Engine - run engine to operating temperature in yard, check for coolant and water circulation, check shift and throttle, tune-up parts as needed - plugs, filters, distributor caps- and visually check belts and hoses; additional steps as required depending on type, make and model); safety systems - inspect, operate and repair safety items including bilge pumps, navigation lights, and horn; zincs - inspect and replace boat and engine anodes as needed.
Domestic Systems
Work billed at Mechanical Labor Rate of $120 per hour plus parts. Flush water tanks, purge lines of antifreeze, and check sinks, heads, and wash downs for proper operation.
Spring Service and Repair Items
Check any needed. Work billed at the Mechanical Labor Rate of $120 per hour plus parts.
Other Services
By quote.


April 15th to June 15th is our busiest time of the year.  Spring work is scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.  All charges are due and payable at the time the work is completed.

Labor Rates

  • Mechanic: $120/hour

  • Electronics and Electrical: $120/hour

  • Fiberglass Repair: $95/hour

  • Boat Trailer Repair: $95/hour

  • Rigging: $95/hour

  • Carpentry and Brightwork: $95/hour

  • General boatyard labor: $70/hour

  • Cleaning rate: $70/hour

Crane Charges

  • Mast step/un-step: $8/foot, length of mast

  • Use of crane and operator (1 hr minimum): $100/hour

On-site hauling

  • Launch included in storage package: $0

  • Launch using customer trailer: $4/ft

  • Launch using hydraulic trailer: $6/ft

  • Short haul, small trailer (3 hr max): $7/ft

  • Short haul, large trailer (3 hr max): $9/ft

  • Haul, Block, Launch (Repair haul): $10/ft

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